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Special Offers on VHS videos. Fantastic titles.
VHS Videos
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Hot Licks – Rock N Roll Sax£16.9920% Off
Homespun – Bluegrass Banjo£24.9520% Off
Homespun – Billy In The Low Ground£16.9520% Off
Starlicks – Louis Johnson – Bass£12.9920% Off
Starlicks – Ronnie Earl£12.9920% Off
Starlicks – Steve Lukather£12.9920% Off
Play the Saxophone£16.9920% Off
Play the Flute£9.9920% Off
Complete Fingerstyle Guitar£18.9920% Off
Complete Bass Guitar£12.9920% Off
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Huge stock of tuition DVD for all instruments, too many to list.  
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All the popular music books in stock.